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Sawos female ancestor figure

Chambri lakes, middle-Sepik

Papua New Guinea

Ligh wood, natural pigments

Circa 1900

Provenance: Old Swiss collection.

Original wood stand.

A large, ancient and rare free standing Sawos female ancestor figure. Old patina of use with remains of pink and white natural earth pigments.

For comparable examples of such large ceremonial figures from the late 19th to very early 20th century, see Greub (Art of the Sepik River, Basel) object 24 (Bremen museum) and 25/26 (MEG Geneva) and the Orator's stool pre 1917 illustrated P. 181 of "Myth + Magic, Crispin Howarth, NGA".

Very good condition, an old nail on the back from former wall suspension.

H: 85 cm (33 1/2 inches)

Price: enquiry

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