Ceremonial Shield

Yakoma or Ngbandi

Democratic Republic of Congo or Central African Republic 

Rattan, wood, pigments, vegetal paste

Early 20th century

Provenance : Didier Cartier, France

There are two types of Yakoma or Ngbandi shields: War shields and ceremonial shields. This beautiful older example is from the second type.

This type of shield was danced during initiates' ceremonies in particular. A field photograph by Vergiat showing a young initiate girl dancing with such shield is reproduced in Luc Lefebvre's great monography "Yakoma Ngbandi, Traditional weapons" (2017) P.39.

Of tight wicker (rattan) construction with a wood handle, the present example has a very nice design, is in perfect condition and comes from the collection of the great connoisseur of the Ubangi region, the late Didier Cartier.

H: 67 cm (26 1/3 inches)

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