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Interview in Artkhade Magazine (all rights reserved), 2019

French version: click here

Christie's essay on the Meunier-Ratton Sepik headrest (All rights reserved), 2017

World record: 120.000 Euros

January 2021:

Laurent Granier talks ethnographic arts, market, art dealing, restitutions and many other things "tribal art" to Super Spécialiste podcast (in french):

link to podcast here


May 2020:

Granier ǀ Ancient becomes a Member of the Tribal Art Society.

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2. Cape region, Xhosa speaking people, s

15 December 2016: Laurent Granier writes Christie's catalogue essay on the Meunier-Ratton Sepik Headrest. Result: 120K Euros (world record)


Parcours des Mondes 2016:

Laurent Granier writes an essay in Michael Hamson's book "Art of the Abelam" (All rights reserved)

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