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Bambara mask


18th to 19th century*

*Ciram C14 test

Ancient archaic mask, probably representing a lion, from the Kore initiation Society of the Bambara people of Mali.


- Galerie Olivier Castellano, Paris ;

- Frederic Poutchkovsky, Pau ;

- Dr Edouard André, France.



- "Bambara Dogon Senoufo", Galerie Granier Ancient, Paris Tribal 2023 ;

- "Métamorphose. Masques d'Afrique de l'ouest"; Galerie Olivier Castellano, Parcours des Mondes 2015 (catalogue)


Photo: Olivier Castellano

H: 40 cm (15 3/4 inches)


More photos and C14 test available on request.

Price: enquiry

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