Senufo figure

Senufo people of Ivory Coast or Mali

19th to very early 20th Century

When I acquired that Senufo female figure from the collection of the late Ed Smit in the Netherlands, the breasts and navel had been mutilated a long time ago. But it was too beautiful (and obviously ancient) that I had to do something about it. So I put it in the hands of the best French artisans.

Based on photographs of comparable examples, and following the natural remaining lines of the breasts and navel, French art restorer Serge Dubuc did a fantastic "surgery" job. It was completed by base-maker Romain Laforêt who opted, in consultation with me, for a round base, as was often the case for this type of Senufo figures. 

I think the result is pretty convincing with the old Senufo figure back to its former glory.


I love everything about this Senufo: The back line, the little details of the mouth, the eyes, the scarifications, the apron and the bracelets. Above all, it has grace and sensibility. The work of a true great sculptor. The surface also indicate an ancient piece, visibly from the late 19th century to very early 20th.

H: 23 cm (9 inches)


Price : 2800 Euros enquiry