Snuff Container

Shona or Tsonga People

Zimbabwe or Mozambique

Before 1930

This is a nice, big, snuff container with its original stopper from the Shona or Tsonga people of southern Africa. It has the best provenance possible as it comes from AA Jacques collection (Elim, Transvaal) and thus dates from before 1930.

It is probably Shona as Reverend Jacques collected a lot from Zimbabwean migrant workers that travelled to the Transvaal to work on the mines (Jaxon Rice, Personal communication). But it also could be Tsonga as both these peoples shared that type of snuff container (for a Tsonga example see the illustration here from Junod "Les Ba-Ronga", 1898, p. 233) 

The AA Jacques piece comes from the collection of Jaxon Rice from Johannesburg, RSA, is 17 cm (6 3/4 inches) in height and sits on a custom base by Romain Laforêt


Price: 900 Euros

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