Female Ibeji

Yoruba culture, Nigeria

19th to early 20th Century


This fine female Ibeji was carved by a know sculptor, Akinyode, who was active in the Abeokuta area (Nigeria) until his death, in 1937.

The figure wears a glass and coral beads necklace and shows a beautiful old patina of use. The hands and coiffure are particularly nice on this example. Note that nudity is only to be found on the earliest Ibejis.

The piece comes from the collection of Federico Carmignani (Roma) and before him Gian Carlo Matta (Asti). It is published in "Encyclopedia degli Ibeji" (Fausto Polo, 2008, p. 75 e, fig. 132) and in "Quaderno n°2 Artes Africanae. Ere Ibeji Yoruba" (Gian Carlo Matta, Gaspari editore, 2008, p. 40)

H: 25 cm (9 3/4 inches)

Price : 1500 Euros enquiry