Currency Mat Poli

Saruwaged Mountains, Huon Peninsula, Morobe Province

Papua New Guinea

Esrly 20th Century

Poli bride price payment from the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea are one of the most fascinating form of currency. Constituted of thousands of erased nasa shells fixed on palm spaths, enhanced with pigments (orange here) and binded together with orchid fibers, Poli mats were highly regarded forms of bride price payments and took numerous forms. On that particularly big example, I love the fabulous "eye" shape (can't be by chance!)

The Poli "eye" was previously owned by John and Marcia Friede and comes from Canadian dealer Marc Assayag. It has been originally field collected by Michael Hamson and dates from the early 20th century. It is in good condition and looks great on a wall or simply as a table centerpiece.

H: 53 cm (20 3/4 inches)

Price : 1000 Euros enquiry

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