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Coastal Sepik Collection

Papua New Guinea

- Spear shaft with ancestral figure

24,5 cm

Palm wood.

Early 20th cent

Probably Schouten Islands

Provenance: Michael Hamson

Price: 1200 Euros enquiry

- Mortar with two ancestral faces

Sepik-Ramu delta or Manam Island

9,5 cm

Wood, pigments

Late 19th to early 20th cent

Provenance: Old UK collection

Price: 1600 euros enquiry

- Mortar with three ancestral faces

West Sepik, Saundau province

Sissano lagoon or Seleo island

9,5 cm

Wood, pigments

19th century to very early 20th century

Provenance: Old UK collection

Price: 1500 euros enquiry 

- Headrest with four ancestral faces

North coast, Wewak and local islands

Wood, pigments

16,5 cm, wood

19th century

Provenance: Karlsson Wickman, Sweden

Price: 2200 euros enquiry

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