Nkole (Nyankore), Runyaruguru, Nyambo, Hunde, Havu or Hutu people.

Eastern DRC, Southern Uganda or Rwanda

19th to early 20th Century

This fine elliptic shield  comes from one of the Bantu groups of the interlake region of East Africa where Lake Victoria, lake Edward, Lake Kivu and Tanganika make the boarder between DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

German explorer Adolph Friedrich von Mecklenbourg documented similar shieds in a procession, in Rwanda, in 1910 ("In the Heart of Africa", 1910. See also a photo from him in the Hamburg ethnographic museum in "Boucliers", Musée Barbier-Mueller , p. 112)


The beautiful shield is made of wood and is covered in rattan with the typical conical wood boss Umbo at the center. It carries an unidentified collection number and comes from an italian estate. It is in very good condition and the patina is ranging from reddish brown to black with some parts incrusted.

The piece is mounted on an "old gold" custom base by Romain Laforêt. I date it to the end of the 19th or very early 20th Century.

H: 77 cm  (30 1/3 inches)

Price : 1200 Euros enquiry